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A unique boutique selling Fine Fashion Accessories and located in downtown Northampton          


Details was founded in November 1988. It came into being because of a vision of beautiful scarves hanging and flowering against the wall in a storefront. Inside you'll find all manner of womens accessories, hats, scarves, gloves, jewelry, hair accessories, handbags, casual clothing, work out wear, sunglasses, etc., phew!! It's easier to list what they don't sell. This store is kinda sorta a little exactly like one of those pricy boutiques full of pricy beautiful accessories, but as far as pricy goes "store" defines it better, why?...simple...the owners' goal is to have beautiful merchandise that is both practical and affordable. Beautiful does'nt have to be expensive and Details proves this to the public every day. Stay tuned to see more of what's in store for "Details".

Details is located on the 1st floor inside 25 Central in Thorns Market 150 Main Street downtown Northampton.

Details & 25 Central are owned and run by Paul and Sheree Bloomberg. Audra Bialek is the store manager.


If you park in the parking garage right behind Thorns on Hampton Ave., you can walk from the parking garage through a really cool glass hallway and just keep walking straight ahead until you see "Details" on the right and right inside 25 Central. The perfect way to stay dry rainy days. But if you park somewhere else and need to walk, you may need the umbrella. Can't find an umbrella that's just right for you? Well Details has a huge selection of umbrellas in every color and style, ranging from plain to all sorts of designer prints. Take a look at the selection above on the wall, and there's more...just make a trip to the store and see the more, guaranteed even if you have an umbrella, you will leave with one you like way better!


Fall's here and with Winter near, 25 Central is stocking up with everything you need to keep warm and stay in style. Find designer names like Free People, Levis, BCB Generation, Sweet Pea, Mavi, Seychelles, Max & Cleo, Alternative Apparel, Goorin Bros, Hue, Parkhurst and more. Prices range in sizes to suit everyone!


Fall into Winter. Full jackets, shorter knitted zip up's with a trimmed with a scarf you can't lose. I like that style! They have top of the line dressy or casual and you won't have to pay top of the line prices to get out of the store with a package in your hands. If you want pricy, got pricy, if you need affordable but still want designer, got that too. The styles range...the prices range. At 25 Central, they cater to providing something for everyone. What's so great about this store is that they are constanstly getting new merchandise. See what you like, better buy it. Don't see it, check back in a week or two and the timing might be just right!


Here's a few selections from 25 Central. Above is a stylish embroidered top, a warm vest, a knit top with a lacy bodice and a simple but stylish dress it up, dress it down top. The new Fall and Winter selection of clothing is huge and 25 Central is constantly bringing in new merchandise. No room for the same old same old!


A scarf for everyone. Warm Bogs. Warm gloves and fancy embroidered gloves for dress. Lot's of Toasty Thinsulate at just $9.95! Takin' a pair home today ;O)


Below is what was available for this past spring season...this page is being updated over the next couple days to bring you Fall and Winter from 25 Central & Details!  

    For those that like shawls, ponchos or elegant silky satiny blouse jackets...the wall is lined with a large variety of colors & styles including short, long solid weave
    and fine handcrafted crocheted open weave. Sunglasses...sunglasses and more sunglasses! With the large selection, you're sure to find a pair just right for you.


Summer dresses, handbags...every hair accessory you could imagine and more Summer dresses. The selection is enormous and affordable!


Last Season's Straw bags...Summer tops...more Summer and comfortable capris and beautiful designer print bags!

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Check back soon to what's in store for Details for Fall and Winter 2009, There's lots more to come!

If you Visit sure to check out Details now located inside 25 Cental on the first floor of Thorns!


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Details is located
inside Thorn's Market

Here comes fall!

Gloves for Every Need!

"Stylish Warm Shawls"

"This is my favorite find!"

  Details is the only place around
  this area that you will find the
  "Acorn" slipper. They are like
  no other slipper. They have a
  rubberized bottom so you can
  wear them like shoe and comfy
  air cushion insole that will not
  flatten. I have a pair that I have
  worn for 3 years and they work
  just like the day I bought them.
  They never wear out. After I
  put my feet into a pair I said...
  "Why did I wait so long!" If you
  don't have a pair, then your feet
  don't know what they're missing!

"Warm & Stylish!"

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