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Halloween in Noho Oct 31, 2008
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Halloween in Northampton


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Come to Northampton, the "Number One Best Small Arts Town in America"
(author John Villani, 2000)

Founded in 1654, Northampton is among the "Top 100 Best Places to Live"
(CNN Money, 2005)

"Downtown Northampton is the place to be. "It's the Number One Best Social Town in America"
(My Hats, 2008)

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Do you know which 1929 President graduated Amherst College in 1897 here in the valley and lived & died in Noho in 1933?

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"A Little Bear"

"A Little Princess"

"Captain Hook"





"Angel or Devil?"


Up & Down the Main!

Our Streets kept Safe!

Our crosswalks kept safe!

Our coffee & donut shops
kept safe too!

Yep...well patrolled!

Home of Smith College

Center of Main Street

Main Intersection of Main St.
A Beautiful Town!
Visit Northampton!

Marty Stuart in Noho!

Sunday August 19, 2007 2:30PM

 In late July, Marty Stuart, the
 right hand man to the late
 Johnny Cash posed for this
 pic for my Dad. A few weeks
 later my Dad fell asleep. Now
 he doesn't wake up anymore.
 Thank you Marty Stuart for
 the pic. Dad loved Nashville,
 the Red Sox, Loretta Lynn &
 his family. A few hours after
 I posted this on Sunday...

Sunday August 19, 2007 6:30PM

 My Dad passed on. He was
 sleeping when he left. I hope
 he goes to a way better place
 where they have Nashville, the
 Red Sox & Loretta Lynn. My
 Dad got married New Year's
 Eve. He was just 25 yrs. old.
 He loved to take & develop
 photos in his photo lab. Only
 had B&W then so he colored
 them by hand. He was good
 at it. Thank God for color and
 digital. My Dad was Scottish
 Canadian and loved to hear
 the bagpipes and fiddle. No
 bagpipes today Dad, but here
 is a little fiddle just for you!

May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad! ;O)

PS. I Love you Dad.


Congratulations Red Sox
WS 2007 Champs!


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Runner Up's

NPD's 2007 pic of the year! They were getting ragged on for too much time at Dunkin Donuts so they came up with a great solution. Check it out! They're filling their trunk with a week's supply of coffee & donuts. The red bag they're filling up is so appropriately labelled "First Aid"! Caught them in action. The pic to the right is the hard evidence as proof! Secret's no good with me and yep... now the whole world knows.
Sorry guys! I'm a mandated reporter. The taxpayer's have the right to know!


“Downtown Northampton 2008”

Northampton has the best police force. Our
officer's have high standards to keep. It's what
makes the NPD so unique. Officer Wigmore is
in full costume and on bike patrol today. Our
Officer's routinely patrol the Main. You guessed
it, Officer Wigmore wears his costume year round!

Hotel Northampton & Wiggins Tavern.
Every Sunday is Sunday Brunch
the food is great!
Conveniently located on the corner of
Main Street, downtown Northampton!

THORNS...the place to go in Noho!!
30 Plus Shops and restaurants inside.
An enormous marketplace!
Find just about anything in the shops
and boutiques or enjoy a great meal!

Downtown Northampton Oct 31, 2008
"Halloween in Downtown Northampton"

So it's Halloween and so much for the sit pretty, get treat. Today if I wanted a treat I had to follow suit and put on the pink suit. Just call me cooperative. Hey, I'll do anything for a treat, but I wasn't shaving my legs for this...put my paw down on that. I have limits! Gotta say I'm kinda liking the attention! I am kinda cute huh!

Every year on Halloween the downtown is the place to be for safe trick or treating for the public. Participating merchants hang an orange sign in their window to let the ghosts and goblins know that there's candy waiting inside. Changes Salon is just one of those merchants. When you enter you are greeted by staff in costume behind a big bowl of candy. The kid's say trick or treat and there's no tricks. Everyone gets a treat. Mom's and Dad's wait outside and the kid's leave with a smile. Check back for way more trick or treater's from Halloween in Downtown Northampton. The streets were full to capacity. I got lot's more pics for you to see.

Downtown Northampton Oct 31, 2008
"Halloween Picture Gallery"

HN #12HN #11HN #10HN #9

That's All Folks...As the Trick or Treater's depart it's bye-bye till next Halloween!

HN #8

Yep...There they go...Hey...I'll be back next year too...Maybe I'll get lucky and find someone to pick a bone with!


HN #7


What's so nice about Noho is that you can do anything you want any time you want as long as you're not breaking the law.
The people of Northampton have figured out how to keep crime out by just not letting it in.
Northampton is essentially a crime free, safe and comfortable place that people want to be.
People who live here can go any area they wish, dress as they wish, and just plain be who they wish.

Police and Public Safety Downtown Northampton
HN #6HN #5HN #4HN #3

Downtown is always monitored by foot patrol. While there are no fences around the town, it's one of the safest towns to reside or visit. Our great public safety is to thank. While our officer's keep to the high standards demand of their job, at the same time they'll take time when an innocent bystander, (that would be me) armed with a camera, by chance, passes by and wants a pic with a smile. Or could it be I caught them goofing off? Well, check it out. Do you see any peddle to the sneaker there? In harmony with the responsible taxpayer's duties, I am mandated to blow their cover, that's Officer Liptak on the left and Officer Wigmore on the right. Now if you too are a responsible taxpayer...or the Chief, you got the evidence and you know what to do. Next, Officer Wigmore is on bike patrol. Yep that's him again, still sitting only now he's got a coat on. Same difference huh. Kinda like six to one a half dozen to the other. Moving on, that's Officer Nichols trying to hide a full tray of coffee behind his patrol car window (It didn't work...I can still see you). Where there's coffee, there's Officer Nichols. He takes his coffee calls very seriously, so seriously he always' carry's a gun when answering caffiene calls. Don't wanna mess with him when he's getting coffee. In the last pic is Officer Borowski. He's doing double time to cover while Officer Nichol's is busy at Dunkin' Donuts and Liptak & Wigmore make sure their bike's don't fall over and get scratched. Officer Bowrowski is patrolling the sidewalks during the sidewalks sales, but no shopping for him. Don't think I want that job! The bike patrol works with the foot patrol to cover the busy downtown.

If you visit Northampton...I guarantee you you will have just as much fun as I do everyday. Noho is the only town I have ever lived in that I never want to leave!

To all our officers of the Northampton Police force...thank you for your dedication and service and for helping to keep this town an enjoyable and safe place.

Pedestrians and Parking Downtown Northampton Hampton Ave.
HN #2 HN #1

These two ladies are returning from a fun time in downtown Northampton, and as they hit the crosswalk to head home...Boom! they quickly change their mind and their direction for a 30 second walk to the ice cream parlor "Herrell's".

Northampton is all encompassing with everything necessary to fulfill the most insatiable thirst for the ultimate social time! The parking garage is right behind the Ladies. To my right (which of course you can't see) as I take this pic is another large parking lot. Many people worry about coming to Noho, because of parking, well the parking here is way plenty enough! You just need to know how to find it, and it's easy because it's right behind the biggest marketplace in Noho,

"THORNS Market", central main street, right in the heart of Noho!
parking garage you see in the pic has a walkway right into thorn's market and THORNS is also equipped with an elevator.