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My Hat #701
Fall Tam-Cap 2011
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My Hats are
"Made in America"
that's Made in USA!
Let's all unite and bring jobs back to the

My Hats Pledge
Every time a My Hat sells...
5lbs. of food is donated to the
Northampton Survival Center!
...Thank you for your support...



I can't help everyone, but I can do my part to help some. I can't solve the problems of the world and I wouldn't even try to attempt it. I can't like all my neighbors, but I can love them from a distance. I can't say I don't mistakes, but I can try to learn from them. I can't say I don't need help because I am just as human as everyone else. I can't be perfect but I can say that I am glad I don't even want to try. As a human being, all I can do is my best and that is what I strive to do. In that we all have different role's in life, we can't possibly all be equal. Every human being has a different role and each and every person plays an important role. Through our differences, together we make the world go 'round. .
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 Donations accepted via Paypal.
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 Donations will be used to help  purchase yarn and will help  Myhats to grow so that more  food can be donated to help  those in need. The Survival  Center provides provides food  to 16 towns and communities.  You can donate using the  Paypal button or by making a  check payable to Myhats.  Mailing address on hats pages.

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My Hat Tally-Up #011

My Hat Tally-Up #026

My Hat Tally-Up #007

Handmade in Northampton, Massachusetts

Every time a My Hat sells 5lbs of food is donated to the Northampton Survival Center.
If you live in the area or visit you can find My Hats in Details, located in Thorn's Market, 150 Main Street.
Keep checking in & enjoy watching the My Hats
for food develop!
Visit Northampton Page is Open. NEW to my site is PET GRASS...check it out and keep your Pet's healthy!

Fall 700 Series is now available and Winter of 2011 is now being updated. If you visit Northampton and you want to find My Hats, during Fall & Winter,
they are on display and for sale in 25 Central inside the famous THORNS Market, on the first floor!
My Hats raises money for food on this web site and and also donates a percentage from sales to Susan G. Komen For the Cure. & FEEDING AMERICA!

My Hats introduces the New Fall design for 2011, the Tam-Cap! My Hats New colors & styles available soon for 2011.

Every time a My Hat sells 5lbs of food is donated to the Northampton Survival Center.
Every sale of a My Hat helps me to build my website and purchase my materials so I can make more My Hats and increase donations.
My Hats is all about helping people in need and with your help, I can help others in need...
When you purchase a My are helping many!