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From exit 18 off I-91 just follow
Pleasant St. to Main Street !

Visit Northampton!  

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Come to Northampton, the "Number One Best Small Arts Town in America"
(author John Villani, 2000)

Founded in 1654, Northampton is among the "Top 100 Best Places to Live"
(CNN Money, 2005)

"Downtown Northampton is the place to be. "It's the Number One Best Social Town in America"
(My Hats, 2008)

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Do you know which 1929 President graduated Amherst College in 1897 here in the valley and lived & died in Noho in 1933?

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Outside Parking Lot

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Home of Smith College

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Cool Rides - Cool Taxi's

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Home of Smith College

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Looking down on Main

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Main Intersection of Main Street. A Beautiful Town!
Visit Northampton!

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Up & Down the Main!

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Our Streets kept Safe!

Our coffee & donut shops kept safe too!

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Yep...well patrolled!


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Congratulations Red Sox
WS 2007 Champs!


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NPD's 2008 pic of the year! It's the hitch-hiking cop. He's well known to resident's of Noho, but today an out of town motorist wittnessed him hitch-hiking and made the call. An Officer was dispatched. You can see him trying to talk him down, or rather, talk his thumb down. His story? His shift was over and he just wanted a ride to the station. When the officer told him his shift just began...the cop changed his story. Well one thing you don't do is change your story to an officer! The cop got his ride to the station, where he spent the night. The next day the judge laughed and thew it out of court. You guessed it, he's right back out on the streets!


“Downtown Northampton 2009”
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Northampton has the best police force. Our
officer's have high standards to keep. It's what
makes the NPD so unique. Today they
are patrolling an event so I got three in one!
Left to Right: Detective Sergeant McMahon,
Officer Yasutomo and Officer McLaughlin.

Hotel Northampton & Wiggins Tavern.
Every Sunday is Sunday Brunch
Reserve Ahead for Mother's Day Brunch!
Conveniently located on the corner of
Main Street, downtown Northampton!

THORNS...the place to go in Noho!!
30 Plus Shops and restaurants inside.
An enormous marketplace!
Find just about anything in the shops
and boutiques or enjoy a great meal!

"Parking in Northampton"

Parking is always a concern. This page is set up to explain and help you to locate parking easily if you are not familiar with the area. Just thinking about parking raises anxiety. Allow me to make it easy for you. We have lot's of lots to park in and parking in Noho is just plain cheap. There are 3 types of parking for the main street. You can park behind main street in the large outside lots, inside in the parking garage, right on the main or a side street off the main. If you park in the large outside lots, parking is 15 cents an hour. Below are a few pics of the outside lots that border Hampton Ave. and Old South Street. If you get off I-91 at exit 18, go left onto Pleasant St. and stay North for less than a mile, then take a left onto Hampton Ave. just before the main street, you will find the outdoor parking lots.

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This outdoor parking lot is located on the corner of Old South Street and Hampton Ave. If you go a short distance past the blue sign in you see in pic #1 above, you will be at the corner and can take a right onto Hampton Ave.

Below: Outside in the machine...get ticket...make it visible on your dashboard. It's only 15 cents an hr.

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Below is the parking garage. You can park long or short term. The parking garage is connected to Thorn's Market with a glass window ramp, there are elevators inside to take you to the ramp. You get a paper ticket when you enter and there are machines inside so you can pay with a debit or credit card on your way out. No fumbling around with change at the booth.

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Below is one of our parking officer's, Yep, they work in the snow too. If you park you need to pay and the parking is just so very reasonable. It's just plain cheap!

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This is what he looks like if you visit and see him near your car. Buy a ticket and make sure it's sufficient and visible on your dashboard. And you won't meet him!

What's so nice about Noho is that you can do anything you want any time you want as long as you're not breaking the law.
The people of Northampton have figured out how to keep crime out by just not letting it in.
Northampton is essentially a crime free, safe and comfortable place that people want to be.
People who live here can go any area they wish, dress as they wish, and just plain be who they wish.

Police and Public Safety Downtown Northampton
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Downtown is always monitored by foot patrol. On left, two officer's are walking the walk. It's the downtown foot patrol's up and down the sidewalk routine walk. Officer Allard is set up at the crosswalk in the center of town. He's checking for expired registrations and inspection stickers. But check it out, he's looking at me and it's looking like he's going to point the finger at me. Hey, I'm not expired. Maybe it's my shoe. The right shoe didn't pass the nickel or dime test for tread. Yep, that was it. "Honest, I promise to get the shoe fixed, if you let me go with just a warning". Phew, he let me off without a ticket. Gonna have to find a way to dodge him till he forgets my face. Today I learned you should never let Highway Safety see you walking in circles. On bike patrol is Officer Jiminez. The downtown is routinely patrolled by both the foot patrol and bike patrol. In the last pic, I got 2 officer's in one shot. Makin' my job easier, less walking around and it saves on my batteries. There was a big public event May 2 and it was well patrolled by the foot patrol. On left is Officer Yasutomo, and to her right is Officer McGlauflin.

I love to make up stories to go with the pics of our Officer's. The fact is, our town is what it is, awarded "Best Small Arts Town" and in the top 100 year after year because our officer's do an outstanding job. It's not easy to be a cop in Noho. NPD has high standards for it's Officer's and our Officer's keep Noho ranking high!

If you visit Northampton...I guarantee you you will have just as much fun as I do everyday. Noho is the only town I have ever lived in that I never want to leave!

To all our officers of the Northampton Police force...thank you for your dedication and service and for helping to keep this town an enjoyable and safe place.

Pedestrians and Parking Downtown Northampton Hampton Ave.
PK #2  PK #1

These two ladies are returning from a fun time in downtown Northampton, and as they hit the crosswalk to head home...Boom! they quickly change their mind and their direction for a 30 second walk to the ice cream parlor "Herrell's".

Northampton is all encompassing with everything necessary to fulfill the most insatiable thirst for the ultimate social time! The parking garage is right behind the Ladies. To my right (which of course you can't see) as I take this pic is another large parking lot. Many people worry about coming to Noho, because of parking, well the parking here is way plenty enough! You just need to know how to find it, and it's easy because it's right behind the biggest marketplace in Noho,

"THORNS Market", central main street, right in the heart of Noho!
parking garage you see in the pic has a walkway right into thorn's market and THORNS is also equipped with an elevator.