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Every time a My Hat sells...
5lbs. of food is donated to the
Northampton Survival Center!
...Thank you for your support...

I'm sure you've seen Pet Grass sold in pet stores. For a small 2 1/2" pot, you probably pay about $5.00. So why not grow your own? It's easy to grow and it's fresher! One package of seed will get you 12-14 pots 4 1/2" in diameter like you see in the pic below. Pet Grass is sometimes called Cat Grass. Pet Grass is for any small pet, for any small pet. It's for cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, turtles or any small pet with a circulatory system. Pet Grass is a healthy treat for your pet and they love it! Pet Grass is known to improve the quality of the circulatory system. With every purchase of a package of pet grass, 1lb. of food is donated to My Hat's charity, the Northampton Survival Center which provides food for 16 towns and communities. To see where all donations go, go to and to find My Hats as a supporter for this organization. You can go to their website and find My Hats listed as a supporter.
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Pet Grass comes in 4 sizes for seed count.
Shipping is FREE
Please allow 3-7 days for shipping.
Shipping is to USA only. No execptions.

Pet Grass

Keep your Pet as Healthy with Pet Grass!
Fun and Easy to Grow!
Save Money Grow it "Yourself" and it's FRESHER!


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My Hats Pledge
Every time a My Hat sells...
5lbs. of food is donated to the
Northampton Survival Center!
...Thank you for your support...

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Pet Grass Seed

The healthy treat for small pets like
Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Birds, Guinea Pigs, Reptiles, Turtles...etc.


A Healthy treat for your pet that you can grow yourself. It's simple to grow
and it will keep you pet happy and healthy.
Pets love it and they will love you more when you grow this for them.


Small package will yield 12-14 small pots 4 1/2" diameter like you see in the pic.

SM 4400, MED 5200, LG 6000 & XL 6800 Seeds. Use drop down to select.
Cats love Pet Grass. It is also known as Cat Grass. It's the same thing.

Instructions included with purchase. You don't need a green thumb!
If you need assistance or have questions, I provide 24/7 online support.


Rabbits love Pet Grass. This is the new bunny enjoying his Pet Grass!

Order now with pay button below. Arrives at your door in 3-5 days, 7 days max!

If you want more than one, when you click on add to cart,
just type in the quantity and click update cart.



Because of International Regulations on seeds. Shipping is to USA only. No exceptions.


Two Cats with plenty of grass to share!