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Joshua and Aru May 11 2008

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People without Homes




Visit Noho pages 1 - 27 from July 2007 to Present 
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Every time a My Hat sells...
5lbs. of food is donated to the
Northampton Survival Center!
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Come to Northampton, the "Number One Best Small Arts Town in America"
(author John Villani, 2000)

Founded in 1654, Northampton is among the "Top 100 Best Places to Live"
(CNN Money, 2005)

"Downtown Northampton is the place to be. "It's the Number One Best Social Town in America"
(My Hats, 2008)

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Do you know which 1929 President graduated Amherst College in 1897 here in the valley and lived & died in Noho in 1933?

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Loving Hearts- Helping
(Pic from Hampshire Gazette)

Military Gun Salute for Craig

Disabled Veteran

No Home and Hungry

Helping People without Homes!

Earning their Living!

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NPD's 2008 pic of the year! It's the hitch-hiking cop. He's well known to resident's of Noho, but today an out of town motorist wittnessed him hitch-hiking and made the call. An Officer was dispatched. You can see him trying to talk him down, or rather, talk his thumb down. His story? His shift was over and he just wanted a ride to the station. When the officer told him his shift just began...the cop changed his story. Well one thing you don't do is change your story to an officer! The cop got his ride to the station, where he spent the night. The next day the judge laughed and thew it out of court. You guessed it, he's right back out on the streets!


“Downtown Northampton 2011”

Northampton has the best police force. Our
officer's have high standards to keep too. It's
what makes NPD so unique. The bike patrol
routinely patrols main street along with the
foot patrol. On the right is Officer Wigmore
and to his left is Officer Yasutomo.

Hotel Northampton & Wiggins Tavern
Every Sunday is Sunday Brunch
the food is great!
Conveniently located on the corner of
Main Street, downtown Northampton!

THORNS...the place to go in Noho!!
30 Plus Shops & restaurants inside.
The ultimate shopping experience.
An enormous marketplace!
Find just about anything in the shops
and boutiques or enjoy a great meal!

Downtown Northampton February 8, 2011
"Northampton Lose's One of it's Finest...Craig D. Lorraine, Generous, Free-Spirited...A Big Heat...A Big Smile"
"January 7, 1966 - February 8, 2011...He was Loved by All, Even Those That Didn't Meet Him Knew Him"



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